American Excavations at Morgantina:

Contrada Agnese Project

Data Team

The CAP Data Team is primarily responsible for integrating thousands of data points into project databases, allowing us to nimbly track the progress of our research in real-time. CAP is currently developing methods to improve information sharing, both within the group and with the wider archaeological community. In 2013, members of the Data Team developed a multi-scalar, relational database designed both to organize contextual, scientific, material, and visual data as well as to make that data readily accessible to all members of team. In 2015, we launched a fully-syncing version of the database which allows for the real-time transfer of data between the various CAP teams. The quick, reciprocal transfer of information between all branches of the project allows for better decision-making throughout our season.

In addition to maintaining the project’s database, Data Team members are also incorporating applications in three-dimensional modeling and augmented reality (AR) to develop news ways of visualizing and sharing our work with a wider audience. We are particularly excited about the Cartographer App, developed by Luke Hollis (Archimedes Digital). Cartographer runs on Google’s Project Tango tablet, utilizing its three-dimensional modeling and area learning capabilities to record trench models for a fraction of the cost of conventional desktop or area-scanning equipment. These area scans captured by the Cartographer App can be georeferenced and allow for construction and access to stratigraphic data in augmented reality.

Team Members